the Bigger the Better 

When it comes to marquee lights this couldn’t be more true. Go big or go home - because if we’re being honest, we all set out to throw an exciting and memorable party. We want our personal touches to shine through in all the little details of our meticulously curated event. One thing is obvious: marquee lights make a big statement, and are as personal as it gets. Plus, there's no denying they look incredible in photos.

The initials of the couple-to-be adorning the head table. A selfie-worthy backdrop for the dance floor. A launch party showcase for your brand. Your company name up on stage illuminating presentations and awards. Whatever the celebration, our versatile and classic letters will have guests oohing and awing about your event long after the last Instagram post has been made.

Rental Rates

$80 each (2.5 ft. size)

$95 each (3 ft. size - LOVE sign only)

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Hi, we're Moonrise. What's your name?
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Date of Event
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All letters are available in a classic Mooonrise Serif font with a high gloss white finish.